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Three Ways to Grab Social Grazers with Snackable Content!

Social media keeps us in constant contact with potential customers. People scroll for inspiration, entertainment and connections when they’re bored, when they’re in traffic, (and yes, even) when they’re in a meeting.

Snackable chunks of information are key to drawing people to your business. Check out our Pittsburgh content creation agency’s top three tips for giving social scrollers an appetite for your brand.

1. Think charcuterie board, not Thanksgiving feast.

Your content needs to be short, sweet and memorable to cut through the social clutter. Aim for bite-sized nuggets of easily digestible info. Keep content varied – give them an olive one day, prosciutto the next, throw in some goat cheese to make them want to keep grazing.

Looking to drive people to a long-form blog post? Give them a few nibbles from the main course throughout the week and send them to your site for the entrée! 

2. We eat with our eyes, not just our stomachs. 

Do you want fruit salad out of a foil pan or out of the carved watermelon basket? Is your eye drawn to a naked baked potato, or one slathered with butter, sour cream and bacon bits? Pair your information with drool-worthy images for better engagement! Dress your social posts with fresh infographics, motion graphics, gifs or memes.

3. Sharing is caring!

We all love to share treats with friends. Social snackers are always on the lookout for something funny, clever, useful or poignant to share with their network. Share-worthy posts increase your engagement and your audience, attracting new leads.

Looking for enticing graphics and videos to make your social content irresistible? Need to trim the unnecessary words off your pudgy posts? Contact Ideality today to see how our team can craft snackable content that will keep people coming back for more of your brand!

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