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Five Easy Ways to Tighten and Brighten Your Marketing Content

Crisp, clean copy that catches attention and reflects your brand is always the goal, no matter what medium you’re using to engage your target audience. Check out our Pittsburgh content creation agency’s Top 5 Copy Editing Tips to ensure easy to read, engaging and error-free copy!

Have an “Out of Body” Experience

It’s so easy to focus on the body of your text and gloss right over headlines and other call outs. It’s like errors hide in areas that are bigger, bolded or italicized! Always double check headers, photo captions, URLs, pull-out quotes and text included in visuals. 

Take a Breather

Don’t copy edit your text immediately after writing. Taking a quick pause to work on something else before editing will help you see it with fresh eyes. This is also a helpful tactic if you’re grappling with writer’s block! Sometimes walking away from a project helps you see past frustrating sticking points. 

Use the Buddy System

Always have another person proofread your copy. Remember, the copy lived in your brain before it lived on the page. It’s easy for your mind to read “what’s supposed to be” on the page without noticing typos, extra spaces and the like. Someone less familiar with the text will spot errors more easily, and make sure your message is clear to others.

Go Offline

Step away from the computer! Print out your copy, and you’ll likely catch errors your eyes somehow glossed over on the screen. Even better, read your copy aloud, and you’ll hear the mistakes jump off the page.

Make a List. (Check it Twice.)

When you write about a topic or person frequently, it’s convenient to have a copy edit checklist tailored specifically for those jobs. Having a handy reference for checking the spelling of important names, commonly misspelled or misused words (stationary/stationery), industry jargon or style preferences (which side of the Oxford comma debate do you fall on?) makes the editing process quicker and easier. Copy edit checklists will help everyone who edits your copy operate from the same playbook, adhering to the correct standards and tone. 

Looking for more ways to streamline and refine your text? Contact Ideality today to learn the one word to eliminate from almost every piece of writing − and find out how Ideality’s team of experienced writers and journalists can transform your challenging topic into an enjoyable read keeping your audience waiting for more.

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