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We’ve helped clients at every stage of business growth: from defining their brand, to breaking into an industry and expanding their customer base. We’ve given clients a visual boost and a verbal legacy. Get in touch and find out what branding and marketing ideas we have in mind for you.

Below is a sampling of those we have had the pleasure of working with recently:

Challenge: Large nonprofit behavioral health services institute in New York trying to turn an abstract concept into a concrete handbook to utilize at a fast-approaching workshop

Solution: After reviewing the initial draft of the guide and several conflicting company style guides, we quickly realized this organization needed more than just editing and writing. Brand identity and clarity of message had to come first. Once we established a foundation, then we could tackle design, layout and editing and really jazz it up. Despite quite a few hiccups in the project timeline — including a transition in leadership at the institute — we still delivered a well-received product on time to a cheering audience. More importantly, we laid the groundwork for future brand decisions.

Challenge: Pittsburgh fashion and style professional in need of a strong, manageable social media presence

Solution: Bear Brandegee is a stylist to the professional woman and director of business development for Worth New York. Defining Bear’s purpose for engaging in social media and assessing how much direct involvement she wanted to put forth in each platform was fundamental. Social media can quickly become overwhelming to any small business, let alone an active, entrepreneurial force like Bear. We brought our team in for personalized training to review some Facebook and Instagram elements and designed an overview reference pamphlet. We’ll be heading back shortly to add Twitter and other platforms to enhance the long-term social media plan.

Chrissi's Cleaning Service

Challenge: Hometown cleaning service with the resources to take on new business and wanted to increase referrals

Solution: Branding came first and foremost. Chrissi’s Cleaning likes to keep things plain and simple, but we know a good brand needs a little sparkle and consistency always helps. We created a logo and branding elements. We produced flyers and promotional materials to keep the day-to-day marketing moving forward and materials are in development for the company’s long-term strategic plan.

Crossgate Properties

Challenge: Real estate company with only a name about to purchase property and invoice clients

Solution: Crossgate thought it just needed a logo and letterhead development, but we worked with Crossgate to develop a brand that will carry them through future marketing initiatives.

CTR Systems

Challenge: A hiatus from marketing for over a decade left a disjointed brand and an overwhelmed staff

Solution: Full-scale public relations, marketing and brand platform development including: website development from inception through writing, planning, designing and coding; marketing and sales strategies; immediate advertising and press announcements as well as long-term public relations and e-communication campaigns. Positioned their brand for a successful division sale. Now operate as CTR Human Capital Management.

Challenge: A new nonprofit searching for its identity

Solution: Branding research and content development from scratch: logo, letterhead, website and ongoing marketing advisement and guidance during merger transition. Now known as TIH Ministries.

Challenge: International haircare company needing a fresh idea to launch a new product line

Solution: We strategized with executives to craft and implement a comprehensive long-term outreach campaign that included multi-layered marketing collateral, unique direct mail and simplified e-blasts along with a targeted website for contests and promotions. We evaluated existing product content and worked on brand consistency across multiple platforms. Although we can’t divulge the details, the campaign is still running and you’ve likely seen our work in your salon!

Challenge: Major non-profit with 11-county service area and extensive corporate partnerships wanted to grow a "second giving season" using an innovative annual report

Solution: Limited staff time and budget of the GPCFB was a major factor, so we incorporated cost-effective mobile and online technology to create an annual report that highlighted the ongoing needs of the community and celebrated the successes of the previous year. We designed the annual report using a timeline to encourage recipients to support the food bank year-round by highlighting opportunities to act both immediately and in an ongoing way.

In addition to design and copywriting services, we worked with GPCFB staff to streamline the process of producing the annual report. The design of the annual report was so well-received that the front matter was requested as a stand-alone signature piece.

Ugandan Gold Coffee

Challenge: Local family-owned store offering full interior design services, fine vintage furniture, unique décor and quality home furnishings experiencing a thrust in sales and a lack of advertising and marketing focus

Solution: We analyzed placement and strategy behind current marketing expenditures, reeled in the budget and discussed a larger vision of how their marketing efforts could be integrated to maximize impact. Going forward, we agreed on an agile workflow, considering short- and long-term goals. Now, the owners can focus on running the business while we focus on bringing in new business!

Ugandan Gold Coffee

Challenge: Small nonprofit hosting a fundraising reception in less than a month with a lack of focus, event management and volunteers

Solution: An intense brainstorming session with the board identified the expected fundraising and outreach goals for the event, resulting with clear actions outlined for each board member and volunteer. After two hours, everyone was ready to get to work and the pressure was lifted from the once overwhelmed room. We followed up with a specific timeline and wrote a detailed emcee script for the entire event — geared toward guiding participants through the end goals of donation, prayer and action.

Challenge: Remodeled historic building ready for commercial leasing with no patrons

Solution: Flyers, letters, press releases and management of the entire campaign timeline, media pitching and placement

Ugandan Gold Coffee

Challenge: Local entrepreneurs aiming to utilize social media to network with like-minded professionals, publish blogs and sell their holistic health products and services

Solution: We analyzed a variety of social media platforms to identify where their presence would give them the highest return on their investment. After establishing a clear focus, we guided the client as they stepped outside of their comfort zone and into their new strategic social media marketing plan. With a step-by-step guide to creating profiles, developing content and analyzing results, Lees Coaching can now connect with holistic health advocates and professionals around the world, publish informational content and convert leads to customers.

Paff Enterprises

Challenge: A small business that had been around for years, now competing with much larger companies, but with no logo, website or any real brand platform, identity or marketing in place

Solution:  We kept it simple as jumping into huge marketing would be overwhelming for this group. A logo and brand identity had to come first. Then we researched the competition and wrote, designed and coded a brochure-style website that added a new level of professionalism to the company.

Paul's Specialaty Meat Market, Inc.

Challenge: A brand new multi-million dollar store with a rusty past and local reputation that needed a fresh face

Solution: We crafted the story of this store’s history and the family’s local influence for the new website, fortifying the building blocks of the new venture.

Pollock Begg Komar Glasser & Vertz LLC

Challenge: A busy staff of attorneys with billable hours spent on non-billable marketing initiatives; a strong brand image but a large amount of dollars spent on random advertising that could benefit from focus on the consistent story of the brand

Solution: We reeled in the budget. We tackled the stack of requests and tasks. We developed positioning strategies and an integrated marketing and growth plan while adhering to immediate needs. We now handle brand management, public relations, marketing and advertising as well as social media and blog planning, content marketing and video production for Pollock Begg.

Rocksie Hair Studio

Challenge: A local business struggling with a non-responsive web development company, outdated text and misguided content

Solution: A project management team to get answers and avoid future web problems; a writing and design team to quickly rebuild and redesign the site; ongoing web maintenance

The Pittsburgh Social Exchange

Challenge: A new networking organization with a need for a website but with no brand identity, marketing plan or even a mission statement

Solution: Produced original branding and conceptualization as well as ground-up marketing and public relations efforts.

Ugandan Gold Coffee

Challenge: Strong-selling season approaching, but no story or message available to the public

Solution: A full public relations campaign with traditional press kits and media pitching as well as online publicity campaigns

Ugandan Gold Coffee

Challenge: Local family farm looking for a way to stand out from the crowd needed a brand facelift while staying true to its roots

Solution: Graphic design elements included a new logo (with just the right brown Jersey cow), typeface and color palate. We incorporated all elements into an easy-to-reference style guide for future use and brand consistency and expanded the brand elements, designing new labels for the milk, cheese and tea products.