Ideality Communications, LLC

Brand developers, content makers and strategic communicators

These talented team members are our ideal workers, our idea generators and your content creators. We’ve cultivated a lasting foundation. Constantly scoping out talent to add to our core, we assign specific to projects, tailoring teams to fit client’s growing needs. That’s what makes us unique. That’s what makes us the best.


Susan PaffSusan Paff
President and Lead Strategist
724-359-5225 Ext. 101

With her roots in writing and a passion for tackling exciting customer challenges, Susan founded Ideality Communications with a desire to help small businesses achieve large-scale marketing goals.

She began her professional career in Pittsburgh public relations and marketing before joining the Pittsburgh Business Times. After working her way across research, reporter and editing positions, she got the PR itch again. She made the bold move back into marketing and brand strategy, now with greater insight into the inner workings of the media world. Her motivation to succeed and drive to find the right solution for each client prompted the forming of Ideality Communications in 2009.

She’s grown the agency from a simple writing services company to a comprehensive public relations, marketing and brand platform agency. As the industry changes, Susan keeps her team at the forefront of new media and technology but stays true to the essence of any strategy: a strong idea conveyed through excellent writing and clear imagery. It’s not hard when it’s not work. It’s just how she thinks. Flashy marketing companies sell you cheap websites. True brand management agencies create lasting plans and content tailored to a client’s needs and goals.

JackieJackie Love
Graphic Designer
724-359-5225 Ext. 108

Passion. Creativity. Dedication. These are words we say when we introduce Jackie. Her niche is right up our alley — she helps clients develop their brand identity through marketing, communication and advertising. With 14 years of experience in graphic design, she pulls inspiration from her surroundings. In her hands, original concepts transform into reality.

Jackie — or as her colleagues refer to her JLove — began her career at Skyline Pittsburgh, where she created compelling trade show exhibits and other installations. She then transitioned onto MatchPoint Marketing’s team where she worked in tandem with copywriters, illustrators and marketing managers for prominent clients such as Heinz, Georgia-Pacific and Giant Eagle, delivering insight-driven shopper marketing programs. Let’s just say, a fast-paced environment is definitely her forte!

AustinAustin Cline
Web Developer

Austin is a master of all trades when it comes to the digital world. With more than 25 years of experience including 20 years in web design and development, 15 years of SEO and writing for the web and more than a decade’s worth of experience in graphic design, photo editing and database development, Austin’s numbers speak for themselves. He is a true front-end web developer who writes both web standard HTML code and CSS and is always on the forefront of new technologies.

With expansive experience writing content for sites like, Austin understands what works — and what does not. He has a clear grasp on how site design, SEO and structure need to interact to produce results for our clients. He’s straightforward, thorough and quick. This is someone you want by your cyber-side.

A true Renaissance man, Austin has degrees in Germanic Languages and Literature from both Princeton and University of Pennsylvania. Impressed yet?

AndewAndrew McAdams
Digital Production Strategist

With a certification in Google Analytics and a strong background in project management, measurement and analysis, and WordPress, Andrew is an innovative, strategic thinker who sees beyond the surface to create data-driven solutions. By quantifying success, he helps clients make informed decisions and appropriate adjustments to digital marketing campaigns, producing maximum results. A specialist in content marketing, Andrew aligns strategies to clients’ individualized needs.

Beyond analytics, Andrew excels at communicating and decoding — he has a natural knack for explaining technical terms in an accessible manner. He listens to client needs and weighs end goals and technical requirements to equate appropriate action. We can’t stop that brain of his — and why would we want to?